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We have a floor!

So the guys we had come finish the floor were amazing. They got here at 8am on Tuesday and worked until 6:30pm. They were back in the morning to finish up grouting and were out by lunch time. The amount they were able to do while I was in the shower before leaving for work was more than what Mr. Handy and I got done in an hour. It's pretty humbling to see people work 500% faster than you can and not even look tired.

They had all the ditra down and almost half the room tiled by lunch time.

Mr. Handy works from home so he kept me updated while I was at work. They were wrapping up when I got home, but they managed to get the entire room tiled and ready for grouting in the morning. When I got home the next day they had everything finished, grouted, and cleaned up.

We have a floor! We have a room! We just need to add the doors back to close off this side of the basement and add trim to the ceiling and floor.



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