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Taking a break from the dust and debris

Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the finished floor once we leveled it, but you'll see it in future post where we're working on the room. Sorry!

After we leveled the room, we were starting to get well into fall. We started calculating the materials for starting to reconstruct the room. We knew that we weren't probably going to start reconstructing the room until after Christmas since I had a ton of crafts that needed to be completed for the holidays.

Even though I knew we had a long road to finishing the room ahead of us, I had some decor crafts for the basement that wanted to get started on. Full disclosure, I've had the upholstery fabric for the couch that's going to go in the basement since August 2017 and if everything goes to plan, I'll actually get this couch reupholstered before January 2019.

New upholstery fabric for the couch in the basement

I've had the curtains for the room since last Thanksgiving. Those definitely aren't going up before the new year. Oh.,.. and an area rug.

When I ordered the fabric for the couch, I found this GORGEOUS fabric that I wanted to use to recover some existing throw pillows for the basement couch.

I LOVE this fabric. I managed to get two 16x16 throw pillows out of one yard of fabric, and added some piping I made with a low cost muslin and cotton cord. I followed a great tutorial on adding piping to pillows from Craftsy.

I was thrilled with the finished product:

I reused the zippers from the old pillows to make these throw pillow covers removable for washing as needed. I plan on having more in-depth tutorials once I start reupholstering the couch, but I cannot wait to get to the decorating stage.


What it is and where I got it:

Couch Upholstery Fabric: Magnolia Home Fashions Upholstery Telluride Herringbone Stone Fabric

Throw Pillow Fabric: Laura & Kiran Southwest Stripe Catalan Blues Fabric

Curtains: Pier One Jute Striped Ivory Grommet Curtain

Area Rug: Wayfair Jae Navy Blue Tibetan Area Rug

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