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Now comes the fun part

So we're still wrapping up the final stages of room construction (doors and trim) we actually got the pocket door that I made hung the other night, but I'll save posting about that for when I talk about putting in the other door (which is going to have a cat door!).

Since we're getting close to being finished, I've decided it's okay for me to start working on some of the fun decorating parts of the basement. One of the projects that I was actually most excited about starting was a coffee table for the new room. The first motivation for this table was actually the discovery of two ~6' long 1x10 walnut boards that we found stored in the basement ceiling during demo. WHO just puts walnut boards in a ceiling and decides to forget about them for decades!?

not in the best shape, but not in the worst shape, either!

I started trying to think of cool designs that I could use these as a table top for. I knew I was going to need to use two types of wood since this isn't really enough wood or the right dimensions to do a top AND legs, but not having to buy any of the walnut is making this project a lot cheaper. I decided to do some looking on pinterest for modern walnut coffee tables and found the.perfect.table:

the perfect table at an imperfect price point

So this table is evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvverything. Unfortunately it also had a price that was not going to work for me at all--over $1300 bucks! Now as someone who does build things, it's not that I don't understand the cost of nicely made furniture. I think people should be paid for their craftsmanship and paid fairly. I just don't have $1300 dollars to spend on a coffee table. What I do have is this walnut that needs using. SO. I'm going to make my own version of this table! This table is definitely a bit fancier than mine will be. From the picture I can see that it's a solid 2" walnut slab they've used for the top. Two of the corners look like they're made from oak that ties into oak table legs. My plan is to cut strips off my walnut boards to form the edges of the two walnut corners and use oak 1x2s to do the oak corners. I'll then use oak 2x2s to form the base of the table.

Stay tuned!

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