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How long could a basement take to redo???

Our basement reno is a work in progress that we began about a year and a half ago. We bought our house in September of 2017. When we moved in, basically everything in our 1940s colonial had been updated--except for the basement. The previous owners didn't really need the space and barely even used it for storage, so it had basically been sitting there like a portal into the 1970s. Knotted pine paneling, black and maroon tile floors, a dry bar that looked like it had been made out of construction debris....what a sight to behold!


When we moved in, we were really excited about the prospect of having a space we could redo in our own style as a more casual entertaining space. So in July 2018 my husband and I decided that we would finally start our DIY basement renovation. In my mind this was definitely a 3 month project (working mostly on weekends only). I'm not sure how I came up with that number when I knew we were going to have to demo the room, level the floor, replace the floor, ceiling, walls, doors, update the lighting, add new outlets and AV cables, and refinish/modify a wall of built-in cabinets. We'll call it insane optimism.

A year and a half later.....we're still not finished, but we're getting closer!

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