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Back in the basement

After taking measurements for the room, Mr. Handy and I placed an order for the construction supplies that we needed for the basement that would be to big to fit in either of our cars. Now the nice part about this is that Home Depot will bring all of this stuff to your house. The sad news is that they drop it off and then you still have to carry it all in.

This doesn't look like a lot of stuff, but I can assure you that you are incorrect.


We got the delivery of supplies right before Christmas 2017 (Merry Christmas to us! More work!), and then headed out of town for the holidays. Mr. Handy's family is very into Christmas, so we requested Home Depot gift cards any time someone asked one of us what we wanted. It was a success! We basically ended up going straight from the airport to Home Depot to buy supplies so that we could hit the ground running. The most useful thing we got is probably the Ramset powder-actuated Hammerset tool. We thought about getting the gun version but the one you hit with a hammer made more sense since we were only working on the one room.

On to insulating and framing!

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